Phone/Fax: 00381 11 32 81 591
Company name: CELEBRINA CO.DOO
Address: SERBIA, 11000 BELGRADE, OBILICEV VENAC 18-20 LOK 5.20
License: Travel organization license OTP 630/2010
Phone/fax: 00381 11 328 15 91


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Official name: The Republic of Serbia
Position: Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, in the south- eastern part of Europe.
Capital: Belgrade 44°48′N 20°28′E
Official language: Serbian
Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)
1 euro = 123 dinars
(not a constant course)
Calling code: 381
Climate: Temperate continental climate, with a gradual transition between the four seasons of the year (worm summers, with temperature up to 30°C and snowy winters, with temperature from - 5°C to 10°C).
Population: cca. 7.5 million.


Serbia, colorful country in every way. Nature, people, language, food, everything is specific…Old European queen, considered on crossroad of East and West. Eternal battlefield, but never win ground. Now still hurt but with smiling, we can not wait someone to introduce with our culture, history, monument, nature. All things from which we made of. Belgrade is tourist, politic, administrative, economic and cultural center of Serbia. Its history is very long. History of Belgrade dates from ancient times. Now you can enjoy the remnants of the old Singidunum (roman Belgrade) in the city center.

With our capital, ‘two river city’, Belgrade, we also want to offer you spas and mountains. You can joy over a 30 spas with entire equipment for relaxing and pleasant stay. You can ski on one of the most popular mountain in Balkan, Kopaonik. You can also enjoy our other mountains and unspoiled countryside to the south of Serbia. On the slopes of the mountains are the traditional Serbian houses where peasants raised animals and deal with agriculture. With them, you can experience life in the countryside and learn about the wild nature. You can taste local dishes, homemade bread, brandy (Rakia), jam, honey, and wine (recommendation ‘Kostunici”)

In the north, however, you can enjoy the lowland villages, the so-called ‘salasi’ near Subotica and Palic. Besides you can also enjoy good traditional food, you can also familiarize yourself with the customs and music of northern Serbia. You will be welcomed with tambourines .They will offer domestic wine, carriage rides, the ambient environment with friendly approach..

Serbian World Wonder is the devil's town in the south of Serbia. A peculiar rock formation, located in South Serbia on the Radan Mountain near Kursumlija. It features 202 exotic formations described as earth pyramids.

This is only a piece of what we offer, so if you like some of these things you will decide to visit us. If you came to Serbia once, you will wish to visit it again! Enjoy!